​​​​​​​Our Story...So far...

Here you will find a brief history by decade, and our story to be one of New Zealands best clubs! With multiple national and international titles, club awards from governing bodies, and a great selection of historical photographs! Enjoy!

NZ Title Holders

Life Members

Club Presidents

Go Karting, a brief history of it's arrival to New Zealand.

1960's - The beginnings  of the Mana Go Kart Club.

1962 New Zealand Go-Kart Federation Rule Book

1970's - The end of Duck Creek and moving to Kaitoke.

The search for a new track location...

1980's - The club continues to grow. The track grows!

1990's - Kartsport Wellington climbs the ranks. The track grows again!

2000's - Karting evolves to a modern image.

2010's - A young generation takes charge!

2020's - A new decade of building!

Club trophies past and present.