How a Race Day Works

So, you're ready to go racing at Kartsport Wellington? Here's some helpful info for your first day at the track.

It can be pretty daunting especially if you're completely new to motorsport. But don't worry! We have a fantastic club and are proud of the people we have within it. If you get lost or are unsure of how something works, just ask! There will be people in all directions during a race day and they will all be happy to point you in the right direction!

Below is a typical race day at the club...

0700: Gates open and start setting up your pit site.

Please see the page linked below for site leases. If one is not named, they are first in first served. If a leased site is vacant for the day, please contact the person listed as they may have already let someone else use their site. 

0730-0830: Scrutineering and sign in.

All unrated and club day licence holders need to have their kart fully checked over. This is done in the weighing shed where the scales are. This is more commonly called the "Tech Shed". You will need:

  • Your kart in a race ready condition including transponder fitted
  • Giltrap Group sticker on Nassau panel

After having your kart checked,  take your race gear up to the club rooms and present them to a Race Official for checking. You will need the following:

  • Race suit - Name clearly visible
  • Carters sticker on helmet visor
  • Current year sticker on helmet (to say it's been checked for that year)
  • Gloves
  • Closed in shoes/race boots
  • Your KSNZ digital licence displaying a GREEN light.

Once signed off from an official, go over to the desk where you will confirm your entry. It's worth noting that entries are online only, so all you need to do is sign in on the day.

0845-0900: Drivers Briefing

Head up to the dummy grid for drivers briefing. Here, all the important rules and info will be explained for the days racing. As a new driver, you may be asked to stay behind for an additional briefing about the flags and other rules important to new drivers.

0900-1630: Racing....

The part you're actually here for right! Most club days start with a practice run of about 3-4 minutes, more like a systems check than anything else. After a round of practice runs, we start heat 1. The first 4 heats of the day are random grid draws, with the 5th heat being made up of points from the first 4. The winner of the day is the driver with the least points.

As a new driver, you'll be gridded at the rear of the field until you're up to speed. Once you have your X removed from the kart, you can take up a proper grid spot.

After racing finishes up for the day, we run a prize giving in the club rooms or outside on the deck in the sunny Summer months.