Code of Conduct

V1.4 - 14 September 2023

At Kartsport Wellington, we are committed to promoting a positive and welcoming environment for all members. As such, we expect all members to abide by the following code of conduct

Respectful Behaviour: I will treat others with respect and will avoid using any verbal or physical abuse such as harassment, discrimination, or intimidation.

Positive Promotion: I will strive to be a positive ambassador for KartSport Wellington (KSW, Club) and promote a positive image of the club to the public. If I have any concerns about the club or any members, I will raise these in the first instance with a committee member.

Safety: I will always prioritize safe behaviour. Motorsport can be dangerous, and KartSport Wellington (KSW) requires a high standard of compliance with KartSport New Zealand Inc (KSNZ), Motorcycling New Zealand (MNZ) or Motorsport New Zealand safety requirements.

Compliance: I will comply with all club and KSNZ or MNZ rules, regulations, and bylaws, as well as all applicable Council or New Zealand laws and regulations.

Environmental Responsibility: I will be mindful of the club's impact on the environment and follow any environmental guidelines set by the club or by applicable New Zealand law. I will not engage in any behaviour that unduly jeopardises the environment or the club's compliance with environmental regulations.

Alcohol and Drugs: I will not arrive at club premises or events under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I know that the Club can provide alcoholic drinks after the completion of a day’s events.

Fair Play: I will always compete fairly and honestly during races and will not engage in any unsportsmanlike conduct such as cheating, collusion, or any other behaviour that undermines the integrity of the sport.

Social Media: I will be careful not to make any derogatory or defamatory comments about the club, its members, volunteers, or staff on social media.

Reporting: I will report any violations of this code of conduct to the club's committee promptly.

By signing up as a member of KartSport Wellington, I agree to abide by this code of conduct. I understand that the code of conduct applies to me when I am representing KartSport Wellington at other KartSport venues/clubs. I acknowledge this code of conduct applies to myself, my guardian (if under the age of 18) and my supporters. I accept that failure to comply may result in disciplinary action as decided by the committee, up to and including suspension or dismissal from the club.

Kartsport Wellington reserves the right to amend or update this code of conduct at any time. Any changes will be
communicated to members promptly.