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Bucket Bike Rules

MNZ rules

We run the MNZ rules on bike eligibility and safety gear, these are published on the MNZ website.

Motorcycles Technical
Miniature Road Racing
Championship Classes (we run the Miniature road racing classes as set by MNZ)
Safety Gear
Note, Chest protectors will become mandatory for 2018, see the MNZ site for more details.

Additionally, we need to make sure our bikes don’t damage the track.

Check out the Bucket bike track protection guide for some guidelines on how to prepare a bike.

This isn’t absolute, the final say on what’s acceptable rests with the organisers on the day but this gives a good idea of what is expected.

If in doubt or if more advice is required please ask one of the contacts listed on the site.

Engines types

Engines must be derived from non-competition motorcycles but the scope for modifications is very open past that. The class capacities are:


2 stroke 55-100cc  (Under 70cc is allowed forced induction)
2 stroke 55-125cc air cooled (Over 104cc restricted to a 20mm Carb)
4 stroke 55-150cc (Under 100cc is allowed forced induction)

2 stroke 0-50cc  
4 stroke 0-100cc air cooled (Over 53cc restricted to a 20mm Carb)

There is some further scope for re-bores in the rules.