​​​​​​​Kartsport Wellington Have a Go Program

Welcome to Kartsport Wellington Gazley Raceway! Here you will find all the info you need to have a go and trial our fantastic sport before committing to purchasing all of your own race gear and kart. We're excited to offer you a great range of karts and engine options to suit all budgets!

For more info on joining the club or how a race day works, check out the new to karting section.

Karting has been happening in and around Wellington for over 60 years, the karts we race nowadays resemble nothing of the original go karts from "back in the day"! Our karts are purpose built racing machines that race on our very own dedicated racing facility in upper Hutt. Depending on the class, some karts can reach speeds of over 120kph on our track! The very top level of karting can rival even the fastest of racing cars in NZ! If this sounds like you...keep reading!

Check out the options below to see what best suits you. 

We're here to help you and will do our best to answer any questions you may have about getting into karting, but first check out our FAQ's at the bottom of the page.

​​​​​​​The Karts

Kartsport Wellington has a variety of karts to suit drivers from 6 to 70 plus!!! Read below to check out what you could drive around our purpose built racing facility.


  • Ages 6 to 10
  • 11,000rpm rev limit
  • 2 stroke 60cc engine, 7.5hp
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Electric start
  • Air cooled
  • Club level and Premier level KSNZ class
  • Youngest class, develops great driving
  • Spec engine for all kids for fairness


  • Ages 9 to 13
  • 14,000rpm rev limit
  • 2 stroke 60cc engine, 9.5hp
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Electric start
  • Air cooled
  • Club level and premier KSNZ class
  • Can travel nationwide to race
  • Spec engine for all kids for fairness
  • Same engine as Cadet ROK with restrictor removed and rev limit raised


  • Junior ages 10 to 16
  • Senior ages 15 and over
  • 6,150rpm rev limit, 9hp
  • 4 stroke 206cc engine
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Pull start
  • Air cooled
  • Club level junior and senior class
  • Great affordable option for club racing


​​​​​​​(Full race days only)

  • Ages 15 and over
  • 14,700rpm rev limit
  • 2 stroke 125cc engine, 32hp
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Electric start
  • Water cooled
  • Premier KSNZ class
  • Fastest single gear KSNZ class
  • High horse power and high speed

Cadet Rok

Vortex Mini Rok

Briggs LO206

Rotax Max 125

The Process

There are 3 ways to get involved at Kartsport Wellington Gazley Raceway.

We recommend a Have a go day first to sample our sport in a low pressure environment before progressing to a full race day.


  • 10 minute lunch time drive during a race day


  • One, two, or three 10 minute sessions across a half day event
  • Stand alone event from a race day


We recommend this option as it gives you more track time to sample our sport. It can also be a bit more of a relaxed environment for your first outing in a Kart and our volunteers will have more time to answer any questions.


  • FULL race day package. Includes practice run and 5 races across a full day event
  • Timing and results at the end of each race

​​​​​​​The Cost

Lunch time drive


Have a go day

$60 for one 10 minute session

$120 for two 10 minute sessions (Good option, the first 10 minute session is usually spent learning the track. From there our drivers start to get faster and more relaxed in the seat)

$180 for three 10 minute sessions ​​​​​​​(Best option. Most seat time to sample our sport and get familiar with the kart, track, and driving.)

Full race day experience

$390 - Cadet Rok, Vortex Mini Rok, Briggs LO206 Junior and Senior

$490 - Rotax Max 125 Senior

The full race day cost includes a $100 non refundable deposit. It also includes $60 for a one day licence from Kartsport New Zealand which you will need to pay directly to Kartsport NZ.


0700-0730: Arrival at track

0730-0830: Registration and race gear fitting

0845-0900: Drivers Briefing

0900-1630: Racing. You will get a practice run (time permitting) followed by 5 races which range from 7-10 laps.

Lunch is usually around 1230.


Q: Why do you recommend I do a Have a Go before a full race day?

A: This is all based on your safety, and the safety of our seasoned racers at Kartsport Wellington. We like to make sure you are comfortable in a kart and somewhat up to speed before we send you out in a full blown race with up to 20 other racers! This process is especially cruicial if you intend on driving our Rotax Max 125.

Q: Why is it so expensive? I can go to the indoor karts for half this amount!

A: It's no secret that going motor racing is not a cheap sport. Our karts are purpose built racing machines and we use a special type of tyre that is designed to offer maximum performance. Our karts are often at least double the speed of an indoor kart.  Add to that the maintainence costs, fuel, spare parts, entry fee, licencing, race gear etc....You get the idea....

Q: How much does Karting cost?

A: Most second hand karts range from $4,000 to $8,000 for a kart and engine package. New karts can be around $8,000 to $12,000 for a kart and engine package. On top of this you will need to allow an itial set up cost of $1,000 to $2,000 for race gear, spares, licencing etc. Running costs vary by class but you will have things such as annual memberships, breakages, fuel, oil etc... You will also need to transport your kart to the track. Some people have dedicated kart trailers, whereas others work out of a van or ute. There is no right or wrong way!

Q: I want to race the Rotax, how does this process work?

A: The Rotax kart is a very expensive, very fast racing machine. It is one of the fastest types of karts available to race in NZ! As a result of this, we want to be sure you are competent in basic driving techniques before handing you the keys to our Rotax.

You need to do one of the following before applying to drive our Rotax for a full day experience:

  • 10 minute lunch time drive in a Briggs LO206
  • Have a Go day in a Briggs LO206

Q: What and who should I bring with me?

A: For all packages you need closed in footwear(sports shoes are recommended. Boots are far too big and bulky!). For lunch time and have a go days you don't need anything else. For full race day packages you will need to bring a support person to assist with lifting the kart on and off the trolley, helping to push the kart to the grid etc. The club provides all race gear and fuel.

​​​​​​​Q: What's included in the full day package?

A: We provide a kart, fuel, tyres, race gear and everything else needed to go racing. Your entry fee for the day is also included. The only extra you'll need to do is get a Kartsport New Zealand one day licence which forms part of the total cost of the race day package.

When you arrive at the track, we'll get you suited up and fitted into one of our karts which will be yours to use for the day. We will run your kart from our have a go pit site or buddy you up with another racer who will guide you through the day and help where needed.

Grid draws, race results, and timing are all posted after each race so you can see your improvements through the day.

In terms of driving, you will get a practice run in the morning followed by 5 races. This is about 1 hour of track time.

Q: Is there any height and weight restrictions?

A: Yes. Unfortunately there is no getting around the fact that Karts are small racing machines with limited space. Most children can fit our karts with padding and pedal extensions. However, maximum limits apply.

Height = 190cm

Weight = 103kg

Q: What else needs to be done before I drive?

A: Not much, all packages require a legal guardian be present for uner 18's. The only other thing you need is closed in footwear. Full day packages need the Kartsport New Zealand app to be downloaded and the driver apply for a one day licence which is done via the app. Some packages may also require the remainder of your package cost to be paid as well, this is done at the club on the day. More details and final timings etc are done via email closer to your event date.

Q: I have my own race gear, can I use it?

A: ONLY if it meets Kartsport New Zealand requirements. For helmets they must be less than 10 years old and meet certain safety ratings, we will also need to put a valid calendar year sticker on the back to say it has been checked. Race suits and gloves cannot be FIA certified and must be CIK certified or meet Kartsport New Zealand requirements. This is because of the materials, FIA apparel is often fire retardent whereas CIK apparel is abrasion resistant.

Q: Under 18? What should I do?

A: Under 18's will require a legal guardian to be with them the whole event, regardless of the type of package booked. The legal guardian will also need to be the one who fills out the online booking as this includes the indemnity and declarations for the under 18 driver.

Q: Is there many girls involved?

A: YES! Kartsport is a fantastic sport inclusive of ALL walks of life! Some of the best drivers in the country are female and are currently racing on an international level! If you're a girl and love motorsport, then Karting is a great place to be!

Q: How fast do they go?

A: In motorsport we don't normally measure "how fast" things go and instead measure a total lap time which varies a lot based on class. But our Junior karts reach speeds of around 60-70kph, Briggs LO206 70-90kph, and Rotax Max 125 Senior up to 100kph. In terms of lap times, our highest level of kart in NZ is a Super Kart which run on full sized car racing tracks, they can reach speeds over 200kph and are in the top 3 fastest class of racing in the country!

    Q: Will I need to pay for damage?

    A: Yes, sorry to say. For damage caused from crashes or improper use, we will unfortunately have to charge you. In motorsport, each competitor pays their own damage bill regardless of if it's their fault or not. We try to be fairly accommodating with this and help where possible but reserve the right to charge you if needed. Don't let this put you off, our karts are very strong and can take quite a hit before causing major damage.

    Q: When is the next event?

    A: Check the upcoming events for a full list. Lunch time drives are available at almost every race day, have a go days are usually held once per quarter, and full race day packages are available as requested.

    Q: Can you do have a go days for large groups?

    A: YES! Of course! We can always make arrangements for your own have a go day. Please get in touch with us for more info.

    Q: Do you race in the rain?

    A: Absolutely, in fact racing in the rain is a whole heap of fun as it adds a new dimension into your race craft! We race rain, hail or shine. The only time we don't race is when there is snow on the track or we actually can't get there!

    Q: Is there a class for older people or do I have to race against people half my age?

    A: Great question! Yes and no...The senior classes are almost always a combined field, meaning a 16 year old can race against a 75 year old. But the beauty of the Kartsport New Zealand system is that we can run races within races. We know that realistically the older drivers won't be able to keep up with top young drivers, so we have the following system in place across NZ to make sure there is someone to race within your age group:

    • Yellow number plates - Anyone from 6 years old onwards, including all senior class drivers.
    • Green number plates - Masters. Anyone aged from 40 to 59 years old.
    • White number plates - Legends. Anyone aged from 60 onwards.